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Never have I sat through a day long seminar, workshop or any presentation with so much pizzazz. Through his presentation, I felt as if I had known Stephen for years. He has a style that delivers a profound message but at the same time promotes learning. The activities were excellent, the time we had for the workshop -- well, entirely to short. I wish that we had scheduled Steve for three days instead of the one. Thank you and Judy for writing two great books. We use the concept everyday.

Melissa Vance, Corporate Trainer, Christian Appalachian Project - Hagerhill Kentucky

Knowing how to succeed in work, life and pleasure is certainly one of the secrets of success that most of us are in search for. Go no further...Steve Uzelac has the secret. Mr. Uzelac's work with the City of Port Clinton has definitely made a difference in all three areas. The TQM Leadership Educational Workshop that he guided us through stands in place today in the restructuring of our City's workforce. His dynamic leadership instilled all of us in establishing a deeper understanding of job satisfaction. I would highly recommend his programs and services.

Thomas M. Brown, Mayor, City of Port Clinton, Ohio.

Steve is one great presenter and facilitator. We know we have given our leadership development classes the best there is when Steve is either the kick-off or wrap-up presenter. He is a perennial favorite with the participants and they can be heard talking about and seen practicing principles Steve presented. He simply loves people into excellence.

Dr. John Rough, Director of Leadership Sandusky County, Ohio

Every once in awhile you come across someone that believes in what he is doing, is knowledgeable in his subject, wants to talk about it, and is enjoyable to listen to. Steve Uzelac is such a person. He has assisted us with TQM and then blended that with our Partnering program for the last six years to create a cooperative attitude in completing contracts and foster improved communication among all parties involved in a construction projects at Mosser Construction.

A. B. "Skip" Carter, Past President Mosser Construction, Consultant, Baneberry, Tennessee

I see my personal growth. both privately and professionally to be a direct result of Steve's knowledge and wisdom. This is a “FIVE STAR Seminar and Steve is a FIVE STAR Presenter"

Tom Cousino, CEO, Front St. Ventures — Toledo, Ohio

Mr. Uzelac, thank you for guiding me toward excellence. A day with you will change my live forever. I now realize the importance of choosing the right attitude and putting first things first.

Eric, Rota, Spain

I'll never forget the first day I met Steve Uzelac. It was at a seminar he was presenting. During lunch he told me that "I could do anything I wanted and age didn't matter." That day was the first day of the rest of my life. I'm a sentimental old lady, and I know God lead me to Steve. When people tell me how proud they are of me for publishing my cook-book, I say that "I owe it all to my daughter Bev and a great motivational speaker and friend Steve Uzelac." Steve made me realize that I could do anything I wanted and the only roadblock between me and my vision, was me. Thank You

Pearl Cook, published at age 65

Your HEROES training on safety has given me new insight on how I look at safety. I realize it my attitude that creates good or bad safety habits. Thank you for a great workshop and material easy to read and understand. When is comes to safety I will not play “Russian Roulette".

Richard, Penn Power

The R.E. Burger Plant, a fossil generating facility in southeastern Ohio, has utilized the services of Steve Uzelac and his Team in safety awareness training with great success. Our facility has an experienced, mature work force and it is often difficult to keep their attention due to the repetitive nature of safety training. After all, they've heard it all before. Steve is able to inject new life into old material. When you sit back as an observer and notice that everybody in the room is alert and involved, when you hear positive comments from those attending, and when you hear other employees asking "When am I scheduled?" you know that the sessions have been worthwhile.

Kim S. Taylor, Safety Specialist - First Energy

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