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HEROES and Leadership
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Human Effectiveness Responsibly Organizing Everyday Success
- An Educational Experience for a Life Time of Enjoyment

"Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes time.
Vision with action can change the world."

-- Joel A. Barker

Learning Description

This educational experience is an introduction to concepts, principles, and applications that are essential for enhancing one’s opportunities for continuous total life satisfaction. This workshop is designed to seek a deeper understanding of personal level attributes and how these attributes relate to individual and organizational success.

In this educational workshop, we will examine some simplistic concepts and techniques that support the principles of Abraham Maslow, Stephen Covey, Joel Barker, Eric Berne, W. Edwards Deming, Anthony Robbins and others. succeed.jpg (12380 bytes)The participant is invited to become part of a dialogue process that will identify and prioritize what is truly important in our lives and how these important things can relate to life satisfaction. The participant will be given the opportunity to process information that relates to one’s personal attitude, that develops habits, that supports the character that leads one to their destiny.

This educational experience will present you with opportunities that can enhance the essence of your life mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. We will focus on "what could be." Our intent is to share information that will foster one’s way of thinking and how this information relates to personal attitude, that consciously or unconsciously unfolds our destiny. Furthermore, each participant will be presented with an opportunity to seek a deeper understanding of concepts and principles that offer ways to change and improve their present life position. Life presents us with many choices, and it is the choices we make today, that will take us to our destiny tomorrow. People like Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Gandhi are no different than you, I, or people who work around us everyday.

Learning Objectives

The overall objective of this educational experience is to use this opportunity to take a different look at our personal level skills and how they relate to assertive leadership. Through this process we will guide the learner toward how to bring vision to reality. To accomplish our overall objective we will stay focused on the following learning objectives:

  • To prioritize what is truly the most important things in your life and how to manage your time, your life and your destiny by putting first things first
  • To establish an understanding of how attitude relates to destiny
  • To increase awareness of personal level responsibility for self-fulfillment in life, work and pleasure
  • To present a conscious process of listening, and how listening, learning, changing and improving can enhance our present life position
  • To provide an overview of assertive leadership
  • To present a model of communication that focuses on direct, honest and straight talk that is essential for all successful leaders
  • To provide you with the planning tools that are essential for taking current reality and moving toward "what could be"
  • To present what we call "effective life/working paradigms" that permit us to be flexible enough to discover and achieve what others only dream about


Classes are forming - The HEROES Class is a week long dynamic educational learning experience. You arrive on Sunday evening at the Spruce Creek Leadership Retreat and the class is over at noon on Friday. The cost of this class is only $2995.00 to include, B&B housing, food, materials, and educational fees. Travel is not included. (see directions).  Special arrangements can be made to present this educational experience at your location, contact us for more information.


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