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Human Effectiveness Responsibility Organizing Everyday Safety

HEROES Donít Play Russian Roulette with Safety is an effective safety awareness process that begins with human behavior. It is not about the management of numbers. It is about taking a proactive safety approach that influences positive safety performance. Too often safety interventions are a reaction to the number of accidents, rather than a proactive approach to prevention. Many organizations get serious about safety only after a rise in incident rates. This type of practice does not bring about long-term improvements. Organizations that focus upstream and take a proactive approach in improving safety behaviors continue to make improvements in their safety performance.

The safety awareness approach to safety improvement helps employees at all levels to understand what behaviors they need to perform in order to be safe in work, home and pleasure. The goal of HEROES Donít Play Russian Roulette with Safety is zero accidents. The purpose of safety awareness education is not to reinvent safety but to continue to build upon the improvements that have already been made in the field of safety management.

This educational safety workshop is designed to guide organizations and their people toward reaching their safety goals. This workshop is one of the most dynamic safety messages ever presented. Stephen will offer life choices that will keep you and your loved ones safe and happy forever.

Learn More About:

    • Human Effectiveness Responsibility Organizing Everyday Safety
    • Pro-active safety attitudes
    • Safety habits
    • Safety paradigms
    • Prevention and Protection
    • Safety vision
    • Adult choices versus Child choices
    • Target Zero
    • Taking Care of Number One
    • Why it takes a team
    • Making a difference

Overall Learning Objective:

Our objective is to create Accident Free Environments through prevention - protection and procedures designed to save lives.

We will show the learner:

  • How "Human Effectiveness Responsibly Organizes Everyday Safety".
  • How your safety paradigm relates to success in work, home and pleasure.
  • How productive choices relate to an effective safety paradigm
  • How putting safety first is an effective safety habit.
  • How to learn and grow forever.
  • How your safety vision presents us with roadblocks or opportunities.
  • How your mental, physical and spiritual well being relates to our social, family and financial success.
  • How your listening skills relate to everyday safety.
  • How your assertive communication skills relate to safety actions.
  • How to development a safety action plan.
  • How to commit to your re-affirmation toward safety.

Whether we are talking about Safety, Leadership, or Personal Development there are common principles, practices and actions that apply to each topic. How you choose to think, plan and act lie at the heart of this educational safety awareness experience. This introductory process is a tangible, practical and workable process designed to improve your personal and professional lives. This educational safety experience is about "Taking Care of Number One" by putting safety first.

This journey is designed to seek a deeper understanding of personal level characteristics and how they relate to attitude, habit and destiny. We will focus on how your mental, physical and spiritual activities relate to your everyday safety fulfillment.

We will introduce the learner to our life long planning for success workbook "Learning to Find You Excellence," published by Mohican Publishing.

Do not wait until it is too late. Act today and bring this dynamic safety educational workshop to your location.

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"HEROES" Donít Take Chances

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